On 11th October 2016 BT posted a notice in the telephone kiosk in Dorchester Road saying that on 22nd November 2016 the company intended removing the phone box completely, due to it having been little used for a significant period of time. The notice explained that any comments on the matter should be made to the Local Authority Planning Department. In the twelve months up to October 2016 only one call was made from the kiosk.
Pamela Clark-Simpson who operates the 'StrattonActive' community email notification scheme that serves the parish saw the notice being put up and brought the matter to the attention of the Parish Clerk who was unaware. He began making enquiries on behalf of local residents.
A fair amount of interest was generated amongst local residents. Stratton Parish Council advised that representation to retain the kiosk should be made to the Local Authority.
On 26th October 2016 an article appeared in issue 525 of the weekly free newspaper 'View Dorchester' regarding the plight of the box.
At the Stratton Parish Council meeting on 12th January 2017 it was reported that BT had given no indication as to whether a working telephone would be retained, and that if BT decided to remove the telephone the Parish Council would almost certainly buy the kiosk and use it for some other purpose to be decided at a later time.
There was still no news about the future of the box by the time of the 16th March 2017 Stratton Parish Council meeting. West Dorset District Council was waiting for BT to comment further on its intentions to remove the kiosk – or at least the telephone equipment in the box.
It wasn't until 25th July 2017 that residents learnt that the kiosk and the telephone equipment were to stay. Pamela Clark-Simpson of 'StrattonActive' ( for free subscription) captured the occasion of the cleaning of the kiosk.
If you should be passing please do have a look inside. The number is 01305 262147. Emergency calls (999/112) and 101 to the Police are free. For calls you have to pay for, you can't use cash. You need a debit or credit card, a BT Chargecard or pre-paid card. Or you can reverse the charges. To use a debit or credit card you dial 0800 032 0023 and follow the voice prompts.
In September 2019, BT notified Dorset Council (Dorset County Council and West Dorset District Council had become part of the new Dorset Council on 1st April 2019) of its intention to remove sixty-eight public payphones in the Dorset Council area including the telephone box in Stratton.
On 5th February 2020 Stratton Parish Council announced that it had been advisd that the Stratton kiosk was to remain.
Then, later in 2020, BT made another planning application to remove the kiosk. Representation by Stratton Parish Council to Dorset Council for the box to remain as a working telephone ensured that it stayed - for now.